Child Custody Lawyer

Me Martin Larocque practises family law as a child custody lawyer, it’s important to be well informed…

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ME MARTIN LAROCQUE offers specialized services in family law, divorce and child custody at its Boisbriand office. For all your needs in family law, family and estate mediation, we invite you to contact us to better understand your rights and obligations.

Me Martin Larocque has been practicing family law for over 30 years. Family law has its share of issues that evolve over time. However, one constant remains: the interests of your children. This being said, our firm will make it a relentless priority above all other contributions.

Me Martin Larocque and his team will make sure to take care of your rights and those of your children, whether in emergency situations or not. Me Martin Larocque is your trusted family lawyer, your ally in times of need to assist and advise you throughout your process.

Our firm does everything in its power to protect your rights in all areas of family law. We listen to your needs and consequently, our primary mission is to represent your interests, whether it is in the context of a request for child custody, access rights, spousal support or child support. Even if it is a request for amicable divorce, contested divorce or legal separation, we are there for you.

If it is a question of an application for recognition of paternity, adoption or contestation of status, we are also able to help you.

Family Mediation

It is important to know that family mediation has become an increasingly popular alternative to the Courts in Quebec. Making the decision to participate in family mediation sessions has its share of advantages. Unlike the judicial process, mediation favours collaboration, communication and cooperation instead of confrontation. These are undeniable advantages when dealing with such sensitive issues as divorce, child custody and other issues unique to a family breakdown. Handling these situations on your own takes the stress off the entire family. It also allows you to manage the decisions regarding all of the attributes and issues surrounding a family break-up yourself.

Research shows that agreements reached in mediation are much more viable and respected than judgments imposed by the Courts. Mediation is highly effective, quick and inexpensive compared to the court process.

ME MARTIN LAROCQUE is an accredited mediator in labour, commercial and civil law. Throughout his practice, he has developed and implemented proven methods and approaches to dispute prevention and resolution for his institutional clients, specifically applicable to interpersonal conflicts in labour relations and psychological harassment situations.

Me Martin Larocque works with his clients mainly in the context of work mediation concerning situations of psychological harassment or return to work following such events.

His vast experience allows him to act effectively in delicate and urgent situations as well as in major cases.

Me Larocque carries out the mandates entrusted to him in a corporate organizational environment by seeking solutions adapted to the needs of each and every party involved.

Divorce or Probate of Settlement Agreement

ME MARTIN LAROCQUE has a seasoned team of lawyers with many years of experience in family law, allowing us to homologate your agreements in family matters, at our office in Boisbriand on the North Shore of Montreal.

We offer you our professional services so that you can obtain, by yourself or through us, a judgment of homologation of your agreements, whether for a divorce, a legal separation or a separation at the end of a civil union. We can also obtain, before the Superior Court, a judgment concerning the shared or unshared custody of your children, the related access rights, child support or spousal support.

Our professional fees are established at a fixed rate according to your specific situation and needs.

We have different packages for the following situations:
By our firm (1)On your own (2)
Joint application for divorceYesYes
Joint application for custody and supportYesYes
Application to change custody or supportYesYes
Preparation of a common-law agreementYesYes
(1) This package includes:
– Drafting by Me Martin Larocque of all the procedures and forms prescribed by the Act;
– Complete management of the court file through Me Martin Larocque;
– Sending to the court registry and processing of the procedures managed by Me Martin Larocque;
– Management of legal fees at the Court House by Me Martin Larocque;
– Turnkey service until the judgment is obtained;
– Exemption of your presence at the Court;
(2) This package includes :
– Drafting by Me Martin Larocque of all the procedures and forms prescribed by the Law;
– Support memo to your attention concerning the procedures to follow to obtain the judgment;
This package excludes :
– The management of the court file from its opening to the obtaining of a judgment;
– Sending the file to the court office and processing the procedures until the judgment is obtained;